About the journal

Focus and scope

Varela Journal is an electronic publication with international coverage, arbitrated and indexed, published in Spanish, which disseminates contributions in multiple fields of educational theory and practice. Precisely with the name of the journal, homage is paid to Félix Varela Morales (1788-1853), who was one of the exceptional figures of Cuban educational and pedagogical thinking, whose ideas go beyond the temporal dimension to reach full force in the current era. Father Varela, is recognized by many specialists as the precursor of Cuban scientific thought, so his work constitutes a reference and tool for Latin American identity and integration, which have generated currents of thought and concrete practices in the educational field.

This publication emerged in 2001 managed by the Center for Documentation and Pedagogical Information of the University of Pedagogical Sciences "Félix Varela Morales" of Villa Clara, Cuba. In September 2015, derived from the process of integration of the institutions of Higher Education in Cuba, the journal passed to the structure of the Faculty of Early Childhood Education of the Central University "Marta Abreu" of Las Villas, which did not imply changes in its policies and editorial management.


Varela journal aims to disseminate scientific production derived from the educational scientific activity of Cuban teachers and the Latin American field at all levels of education, to contribute to the current debate on educational issues.


The journal will be an open publication, without any methodological limitations, within the framework of its vision and institutional character. It will constitute a publication structured by thematic axes, which will summon researchers and professors, who want to participate in the configuration and consolidation of pedagogy as a science and that will disseminate unpublished articles related to: innovations, advanced pedagogical experiences, as well as research results of theoretical or empirical character and revisions of the educational research literature.

Editorial address

Central University "Marta Abreu" of Las Villas. Road to Camajuaní, km 5.5. Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba. Postal Code: 54830.


Four-month publication structured in monographic format, which covers the numbers corresponding to: January-April, May-August and September-December, with the first day of each month beginning the semester.