Code of ethics

Code of ethics

Varela journal is a publication committed to guaranteeing the quality of its contents and the good exercise of ethical practices by each of its actors.

Ethical standards for the Editorial Board:

The Editorial Board is responsible for monitoring and safeguarding the different aspects of editorial ethics of the journal, resolving any ethical conflict as soon as possible and in coordination with the editor, in order to maintain the academic integrity and credibility of the journal.

Ethical standards for authors:

Authors should ensure that the manuscript submitted to the journal complies with ethical principles, hence they are responsible for the veracity of the information and the evidence that supports the data and analysis presented in the document, as well as that all those who appear as authors have significant contributions in the work. The authors are responsible for the originality of the manuscript and must ensure that it is not being evaluated, nor has it been published in another journal, or in any other means of dissemination of academic content. Likewise, they are obliged to reveal real or potential conflicts of interest with the financing entities, institutions or other persons that may improperly influence their work.

Ethical standards for evaluators:

All evaluators must commit to maintain absolute confidentiality in the review processes and refrain from communicating to third parties, disseminating or publishing, partial or total information of the documents they have agreed to evaluate, or any use other than requested by the journal. The evaluators must indicate their willingness to comply with the review process in the terms of time and rigor indicated by the journal and to issue objective, respectful and with due academic support concepts. Likewise, they should promptly report to the editor any conflict of interest that they could detect when reading an article that has been sent for review and alert any possible plagiarism situation detected in the review process.

Ethical standards for the publishing group:

The Editorial Group is responsible for accepting the articles that will be published, considering the editorial parameters of the journal and the evaluators' evaluations. It is up to you to ensure the quality and transparency of the editorial process, in addition to complying with all the rules, obligations, rights and duties of the different members and participants of the journal, in their different categories. Likewise, it must ensure that no conflicts of interest occur during the editorial process that can generate unethical behavior.


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