Journal policy

Editorial policy

The evaluation of the quality of the articles constit an essential line in each edition, both of the editorial board and the committee of experts. All collaborations sent to the journal will be evaluated by the blind expert method, which guarantees compliance with the required quality standards.

Open Access Policy

The journal aims to be an instrument for disseminating the work of the academic and scientific community. It does not pursue profit, therefore it does not pay for the collaborations it receives. The publication provides immediate free access, so it adheres to the movement of Open Access journals and delivers all of its contents to various repositories, under the principle of making information available to all interested parties free of charge, to favor the dissemination and exchange of global knowledge

The journal offers its publishing services to authors completely free of financial compensation. This implies that employees do not have to bear the costs for: reception, number of pages, color, translation, revision, as well as other actions that are required to complete the publication process; These expenses are fully assumed by the institution that manages the journal. Those who access Varela journal can read, download, copy, distribute, print, translate, search or link the full texts of the articles that are published in accordance with the Creative Commons 4.0 Recognition License.

Self-archiving and legal deposit policies

The journal executes the self-archiving policy, through its conservation in the institutional repository of the Central University "Marta Abreu" of the Villas and the National Library "José Martí", where the digital information of the published numbers is stored and preserved. It uses as a legal deposit the Registry of Cuban serial publications ( RNPS: 2038 and ISSN: 1810-3413).

Information use policy

The contents published in the journal can be downloaded, copied, distributed, printed, searched, or linked in other full texts, as long as the author is recognized, who maintains the rights to exploit his article, without restrictions. The foregoing is accredited in the Creative Commons 4.0 license, which supports the reuse and remixing of the content of the journal, recognizing its publication without commercial purposes.

Privacy Policy

The personal data provided by the authors to this journal will be used exclusively for the purposes declared by it and will not be available for any other purpose or other person.

Copyright Policies

The authors will retain their copyrights and guarantee the journal the right to first publish their work, which will be simultaneously subject to the Creative Commons Recognition License that allows third parties to share the work whenever their authorship is indicated.

Policy for the detection of plagiarism and antiplagium

The Editorial Board verifies by Google and Google Scholar that the submitted manuscripts do not contain textual information from previous articles by the authors themselves (autoplagium) or others (plagiarism). In addition, authors should not incur other misconduct such as manipulation or falsification of data and citations. Manuscripts with such ethical problems will be denied. The use of specialized software for additional instrumentation is currently being tested.


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